Article Image - Why Is My Advertising Campaign Not Working?

Why Is My Advertising Campaign Not Working?

By: Hoffman York
December 2019
4 min

Ads on TV during the morning news. Ads on the bus bench, and the bus, inside and out. Ads on Spotify as you pop in your earbuds for the commute. Ads on billboards as you walk to the office. Ads on every webpage while you work. Break time. Oh, look, a cool Instagram post. #Ad. 

Every day and everywhere is a battle for consumer's eyes. The competition is fierce and the ad blindness is real. Attracting the eyes of today’s ad-cluttered consumer isn’t always easy. However, before you write off advertising from your marketing plan, keep in mind that ads are essential to creating all-important awareness and conversions. You just need to understand how to break through the clutter to reach and engage the right people.

Are you a brand that finds that your ads aren’t working? Is the budget too high and the ROI too low? Here are four reasons your advertising campaign may not be delivering the results you had in mind.

Advertising creative has changed with advances in technology, ad-blockers, distrust and the gold-fish-like attention spans of a dual-screening generation.

But fear not, creative is not dead and it is still the best way to capture the eyes and minds of today’s consumer. The use of intriguing or entertaining storytelling is a timeless way to grab attention while not necessarily sounding like an ad. We call it ‘ad-cognito.’ Remember, your brand is not entitled to a customer’s attention, it must be earned. Introduce your story and save your brand for the end. With a great story, you’ll have ‘em hooked until the final frame.

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