In acknowledgment of the end of prohibition and the birth of our fine establishment, we wanted to say, “Cheers for 90 years.”

Prohibition dies
An agency is born

As the tyranny of Prohibition ends and President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces 4 million public works jobs, Milwaukee has a brand-new advertising agency. Man-about-town, Harry Hoffman, and Wilford York, a reclusive ideas man, have joined forces to form a full-service shop called Hoffman York and have hope to have a thriving future.


To celebrate its tenure as one of the longest-running advertising agencies in the United States, Hoffman York is creating 90-Year Stout in partnership with the New Barons Brewing Cooperative. This full-bodied stout honors the resilient independent spirit that’s remained at Hoffman York’s core for nine decades.

Party of the century

Harry Hoffman, and partner Wilford York owners of newly established ad agency Hoffman York hosted the party of the century.

The revelry began at 9 a.m., in the Main Ballroom of the Wisconsin Hotel, and lasted until midnight. With all the beer you could drink, hot dogs, sandwiches, coffee and a German polka band.

Milwaukee beer barons, Schlitz, Pabst, Miller, Blatz and Gettelman were all there until the end!

“We’re in the midst of a great economic depression. Jobs in the advertising business are almost impossible to get. The only way we can go is UP.”
- Harry Hoffman

Beer is back.
Milwaukee is Ready!

No more Schlitz chocolate bars. No more Pabst processed cheese. And goodbye Gettelman snowplows! As Prohibition gets repealed, Milwaukee brewing companies are stopping their side hustles and getting back to what they do best—making beer.

Library declares amnesty

Did you “borrow” a book on beer brewing and winemaking from Milwaukee Library and never give it back? Now that prohibition is over, the library has placed a bin at its entrance for you to drop off your books. No questions asked.


Milwaukee is gripped by the Great Depression and the cost of living is soaring. Expect to pay 10 cents for a gallon of gas, 7 cents for a loaf of bread. Even hamburger meat is sky high at 11 cents a pound. Beer, meanwhile, is a deal at a thirst-quenching 10 cents a glass.

Work/Case Studies


Featured Lottery Work Image


Since 1988, the Wisconsin Lottery has generated more than $15 billion. The winners include retailers, property taxpayers and yes, the players. That’s a win-win-win.

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Napoleon Hot Spots

Featured Napoleon Hot Spots Work Image

Napoleon Hot Spots

The key message to builders was not, “Would you like to buy one of Napoleon’s fireplaces?” but, “Would you like to sell more homes by including our fireplaces?”

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Featured Montana Work Image


This campaign helped break records for out-of-state visitors and visitor spend. It also won three ESTO awards for excellence, the gold standard in the industry.

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