Wisconsin Lottery

30-Year Partnership


Hoffman York knows how to partner with state agencies. For the Lottery, the challenge was striking the balance between educating the public about a game while not over-promising that players would be awash in millions of dollars.


To be successful, you have to first get consumers’ attention. Only then will you have an opportunity to educate them. Hoffman York’s 30-year-long recipe for success includes:

  • Engaging and eye-catching TV ads as well as clever radio spots
  • Partnerships with popular Wisconsin sports teams
  • Seasonal messages of clever holiday gifting and new game introductions

We’re also proud to have had one of the longest-running, most successful tenures of any ad agency/lottery relationship in the country.


Since 1988, the Lottery has generated more than $16 billion in total revenue. More than 93% of that money went to winners, retailers and Wisconsin homeowners – which means there are many winners. Hoffman York has helped the Lottery stay true to its mission of achieving year-to-year profits, with unquestionable integrity, all while maintaining a high degree of social responsibility.



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In Prizes



The Wisconsin Lottery offers approximately 75 new instant scratch games per year, but not all are part of our media mix. On average, we get the word out on 10 to 12 games per year. Some are new, some are seasonal and some are sports-themed.


The Wisconsin Lottery offers eight lotto games, including six Wisconsin-only games and the multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions games. Wisconsin continues to be home to some of the big winners, with numerous $100+ million winning tickets sold in the state.


Hoffman York has developed strong multi-year relationships with the Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Bucks, and has successfully curated meaningful sponsorships that provide value through strong brand alignment.

As part of a Green Bay Packers partnership, we featured a super fan in a 30-for-30 style documentary as he wins the gift of a lifetime.

Partnering with the Milwaukee Brewers, HY proposed a custom scratch game featuring the Famous Racing Sausages. In two weeks, 25% of all tickets were sold, and within two months, it was sold out, making it one of the most successful ticket launches in Lottery history.

To celebrate the unique local flavor, the Lottery sponsors the Milwaukee Bucks starting lineup and stat leaders through its Wisconsin-only Megabucks game. We used custom integration throughout the game with exposure both in-stadium and on digital channels.

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