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How to Cut Your Hair at Home

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many were at home searching how to cut their own hair. Wahl USA’s YouTube channel had a lot of relevant content, so we met users’ needs by optimizing the videos to make them easier to find. We focused on YouTube SEO to increase traffic and awareness. It’s true that SEO isn’t overnight magic, but the results almost feel like it.

We started with an initial test grouping of 14 videos. Competitive research and keyword research helped drive our SEO strategy. Adding a video title and description helped each video see an increase overall. Each video gained thousands of views, impressions and hundreds of hours of watch time in the matter of a few weeks. Specifically, we increased impressions to a clipper video by 762%, gained 10.8K impressions to a haircutting tutorial and increased watch time by 216 hours.

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