Article Image - Wahl’s Mobile Grooming Tour

Wahl’s Mobile Grooming Tour

By: Hoffman York
June 2019
2 min

If you can’t beat ‘em, surround them with lots of beards… That was the strategy in Miami, the first stop on Wahl’s tour of the 2016 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America. The city known for its hurricanes, created a whirlwind when its pro baseball team, the Miami Marlins, instituted a no-facial-hair policy earlier this year.

Rather than seek shelter, however, Wahl took its 30-foot mobile barbershop into the eye of the storm—Marlins Park. The kick-off event on May 20 turned into a facial hair rally, as the city’s proud and whiskered faithful came out to get a free trim for a good cause and celebrate the city’s achievement. And just for good measure, we brought in All-star Pitcher Carl Pavano, whose wicked goatee helped the Marlins win its last World Series, to meet with fans and media.

The result was a ton of great media exposure and social engagement. Check out our video below that captures all the fun.


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